Smugglers offer border crossing services from Tijuana to San Diego on TikTok

In comments, they state their prices range from $11,000 to $13,000 dollars

Photo by: TikTok & Archivo SDR

Illegally crossing into the US through Tijuana is something that a lot of people know about. This is because many people have crossed looking for the famous “American dream” or may know about this through theirl knowledge of “polleros” or “coyotes” (those who smuggle people illegally into the US) who help people cross after being paid.

However, not all people are able to get to the other side of the border, either because of health or because authorities end up catching them, deporting them back to their native country

Smuggling services are known for being discrete and for its hiring being done only through contacts since it is an illegal activity. However, these services are now being offered on social media platform, Tik Tok. User @cruzandousa2022 uploaded a video to his profile offering this service, claiming to be able to cross anyone from Tijuana to three US cities.

In this video, he says that the crossing is done in a car and that nobody has to walk. He says that he can get anyone to San Diego, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. This video already has over 6,000 likes and more than 1,000 interested people commenting that they are interested in hiring this service both for children and adults. Many of them claimed that they were in Tijuana.

Though some answers were only to be given through private messaging, he did comment about prices. Specifically to take someone to San Diego, the price charged is $11,000 dollars , to Los Angeles it is $12,000 dollars, and to Las Vegas, it is $13,000 dollars. In the comments, he stated that the payment is made once they both have crossed to the US.

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