Televisa throws Peña Nieto (and his wife) under the bus

Network presenters raged against the UN, the government and everyone else in an effort to salvage its image

MEXICO.- One of the country's most recognized and popular news anchors, Carlos Loret de Mola, went on a strange and desperate rant against the government, critics of his network and even the United Nations last night during the annual, national Teletón on live television.

[p]Televisa organizes a national Teletón each year, a pledge-drive that raises and manages dozens of special rehabilitation and care centers for children with disabilities around the country (called CRITs, in Spanish), and it successfully surpasses their previous donation amount year after year.

But this year, the show needed an extra hour to just get to last year's previous total and then surpass it. The slow pace of donations must've been evident from the start, since some presenters began to talk about how it's important to not let the perception that Televisa is too cozy with the current government get it the way of making donations in favor of the children they supposedly take care of.

And they must be really desperate if they make one of their top news anchors imply that their Teletón has done even more for children than even the United Nations (long story short, a couple of months ago, the UN criticized Mexico's heavy emphasis on donating to a single charity like this instead of pushing for more government action to help people with disabilities).


VIDEO: Loret de Mola criticizes the UN for criticizing Teletón

Desperation among the organizers was palpable during yesterday's day long event,, which saw comedian and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez also defending the Teletón and trying to salvage it's image, by poking fun at himself, the government and the network.

But Derbez, who's well know in the U.S., raged also towards those who punished Televisa's Teletón for the poor coverage that has been given regarding the 43 missing students, and the network's connection to to the President and his wife, Angélica Rivera, especially now after the scandal involving the First Lady and a mansion in Mexico City worth millions, dubbed the "Lomas White House."Both him and Loret de Mola were basically willing to throw President Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife under the proverbial bus. Rivera is one of Televisa's most popular former soap-opera actresses, and her marriage to Peña Nieto is seen as a de facto union between the President and the network.

Just look at the Carlos Loret de Mola video (above), whose news program is transmitted via Televisa in order to truly see the increasing unpopularity and animosity from the nation against anything that has to do with Peña Nieto.

He defends acting on behalf of handicapped children to Teleton, sayin that, "are we just going to sit around waiting for the government to do it? When is this going to happen? Never, that's never going to happen. When is the UN going to do something about it? How many CRIT does the UN have?" This last little shade thrown at the UN launched a series of jokes against the anchorman on social media. Is he really going to compare CRITs with everything the UN has done and does?

"Go and get angry at Angélica Rivera, at Enrique Peña Nieto, for giving unsatisfactory explanations regarding the details (of the house), to Televisa, if you want, for overpaying their star actress", but don't get angry at the kids, Loret de Mola, expressed.


Loret de Mola seems a bit too self-righteou here, crying about low donations and children, but by the end of the night, he made it clear that Televisa is worried more about its closeness (or the perception of it) with Enrique Peña Nieto's government. His network only recently began to cover in earnest the protest and scandals surrounding the President and his wife, and took a while to acknowledge failures from the Federal government in the missing students case. And what must've really gotten the network scared were it's low numbers on Saturday night, so it seems that the word from the higher-ups, for now at least, is "throw the President under the bus."[p]

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