One Bite Tacos Tijuana: The marinade "Tacos El Paisa" from Las Ahumaderas in Tijuana has a lot of taste.

This episode included a special guest.

Chef Danny Betancourt visited Tacos El Paisa in Las Ahumaderas in this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, which has several joint tacos on one street, all of which are close to one other and are situated on Ave. Guillermo Prieto 9770, America. Our host is not alone on this occasion, as he has a unique visitor, Eddie Reyes, an expert in Baja California tourism, particularly in Tijuana, and will be joining him to sample the taco de adobada from this well-known taqueria, which costs 30 pesos.

Adobada Taco

Price: $30 pesos ($ 1.5 dlls)

They were each served an adobada taco with a double tortilla, marinated meat, guacamole, onion, cilantro, and red sauce. The first thing our host noticed was that they put one tortilla on top of another, creating an optical illusion to make the taco seem longer.

Both Danny and his visitor remarked on how powerful the marinade was, indicating that the meat was flavorful. This was verified when they tasted it, as they ensured that the marinade predominates as soon as the taco is a bit into it.

Another highlight was the sauce, which was rather hot for our host but not so much for Eddie at first; nevertheless, after a few minutes, the sauce took his breath away.

The tortilla did not convince Danny since he believes it should be either extremely steaming or crispy not to feel leathery or chewy if packed. For this and other reasons, this taco received an 8.7 rating.


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