Bol Corona in Tijuana disappoints due to its machaca burrito with a sweet flavor

Chef Danny also tried a ranchero marlin burrito

On this episode of Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, our host Chef Danny Betancourt went to “Bol Corona” located at Avenida Las Américas, Colonia 20 de Noviembre. On this occasion, he tried two burritos: a machaca burrito priced at $4.70 dollars ($80 pesos) and a ranchero marlin burrito priced at $4.41 dollars ($75 pesos).

Beef Machaca Burrito

This burrito has beef machaca, tomato, onion, bell pepper, beans, and it is served on a flour tortilla. The machaca was made with onion, tomato, and bell pepper; at first glance, Chef Danny said that the stew looked juicy and the burrito felt heavy.

When he took his first bite, Chef Danny added that the meat was too humid which, though it was a good thing, was also a detriment, because it made the tortilla too soft in some areas which almost made it break. Chef Danny noticed very sweet touches in the burrito, but it wasn’t the usual sweetness caused by caramelizing the bell pepper or onion. Instead, it seemed like some sort of sweetener or ingredient was adding this flavor, which did not help because this was a burrito with beef meat. This is why this burrito gets a rating of 6.5.

Price: $4.70 dollars ($80 pesos)

Ranchero Marlin Burrito

This burrito has ranchero marlin, onion, tomato, bell pepper, chipotle sauce, and it is served on a flour tortilla.

When he tried it, Chef Danny was surprised by an ingredient because inside the burrito there was a bay leaf. Though he said it was good that they added this kind of seasoning, he also asked that these ingredients be removed before serving because it made things awkward for the client.

He claimed that the fish flavor stood out, despite the intense seasoning, the light spiciness of the chipotle, the tomato puree, and the vegetables. In addition, he noticed the flour tortilla’s good flavor which he said, was “an authentic flour tortilla which was almost made in that moment, but from a package”. This is why this burrito gets a rating of 8.4.

Price: $4.41 dollars ($75 pesos)

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