Does Taco N Todo in Tijuana do justice to the fame of Sonoran beef?

After visiting this taqueria and trying their different tacos, here is how they rate each one.

Welcome to Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana, San Diego Red's new space where we will visit different taquerias in the region to delve into the world of the taco and rate its different types.

This week we will start with a place well known by many. Considered one of the best meats (for some the best) in Mexico, Sonoran beef is synonymous with flavor and quality.

Daniel García
Daniel García

In Tijuana we have an endless number of taquerias, taco stands and street vendors dedicated to preparing this delicacy. One of them is Taco N Todo taqueria, who have a branch in the Hipódromo neighborhood, behind the Casino Caliente. Taqueria with style and Sonoran flavor, you know you are going to eat delicious food.

We ventured to try their specialty tacos as well as the classics.

They have a bar of sauces and garnishes for you to prepare your tacos the way you like. Their sauces include tatemada, habanero and chiles güeros, as well as classic red sauce. Of course without leaving aside the radishes, lemons and cucumber to accompany your tacos.

Freshly made tortillas, which provide a better flavor to the tacos, better texture and help keep the taco together without breaking. The charcoal embers give the tortilla a crust on the outside and a carbon flavor.

Arrachera Hass Taco

Well cooked meat, soft, with good flavor. The california chile adds good flavor, combines very well, the coals add a plus to the meat.

Sirloin Taco

Thick cut of meat, well cooked but very tough, freshly made tortilla adds an improvement and the mango sauce is very good. The guacamole has a good flavor.

Rib Taco

With the bone grilled on the coals, the meat is tough but with a lot of flavor, freshly made tortilla helps to give it texture and flavor.

Arrachera Taco

Very tender meat, well cooked, thick cut. The sauce adds a lot of flavor, spicy but it goes down very fast and the smoky notes remain. Freshly made corn tortilla adds texture.

All these tacos are made in their charcoal grill, where they control the temperature to give the perfect finish to the meat, juicy and without burning it, achieving smoky notes and with the Sonoran seasoning.

If you have already visited one of the Taco N Todo locations, how would you rate each taco? Let us know in the comments.

See you at the next taqueria!


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